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Frequently asked Questions & Answers

Q: How do I check your availability or book a session?

A: Please contact me to check availability and to book a session. 

Q: What will happen in our first session?

A: In the first session we will discuss and sign the counselling and confidentiality agreement before discussing your confidential information. I will use this session to gain a clearer understanding of your presenting problems and what you hope to gain from therapy. This session is an opportunity for you to decide if this is the correct therapy and time in your life to start this new chapter.

Q: How often will we meet?

A: Weekly sessions are advised, although some clients work at their own pace as their availability is determined by shift work, child care, finances etc

Q: How long does a session last?

A: The first session will take 60 minutes due to the assessment. Each session thereafter will take 50 minutes.

Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: The amount of sessions depends on the client's situation, however, 6 sessions is usually the minimum amount. I provide open ended therapy which consists of short and long term focused therapy.

Q: Do I have to commit to a certain amount of sessions?

A: No, you don't have to commit to a specific amount of sessions, we will assess the amount of sessions that you will need as you work through therapy.

Q: If I can't find a babysitter, can I bring my baby to the session?


A: No. As the therapy room will provide you with a safe space to express your emotions and thoughts, unfortunately we do accept children or babies on the premises.


Q: Can I attend couples therapy if I am currently attending another therapy group?

A: This is assessed on a case by case basis. If your other therapy and presenting problem is very intense, you might find it too emotionally draining to take on two different types of therapy. 

Q: Is everything that I say confidential?

A: Client information is confidential and is not shared with anyone. However, in circumstances where someone's personal safety is deemed to be at risk, there is an ethical and legal requirement to share information with appropriate professionals.

Q: Where in Bromley are you located?

A: My therapy room is located in Bromley (BR1) London UK. It is within easy walking distance from Bromley North and local bus routes. Parking is available nearby and is only payable between 12pm-2pm (parking is free outside of these times) The room itself is on the first floor.


Due to government guidelines I am currently offering therapy via telephone (for individuals) and video calls (for individuals and couples).

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